ezTalker Digital – next generation Bluetooth headset

ezTalker Digital – next generation Bluetooth headset


Just when you thought you were happy with your Bluetooth headset, the next generation shows up and makes you realize what you are missing. The ezTalker Digital is this next generation headset using Bluetooth v1.2. It sports an OLED screen which is supposed to make everything all better and so very simple.

The OLED display is bright and easy to see, yet uses much less power than a traditional LED. The screen is 64×48 pixels; this is big enough to show you incoming phone numbers, stored numbers and status information for the connection, battery and volume for the headset. The headset is designed to have enough functions to make it unnecessary to touch your phone at all. You can make and receive calls easily with the headset.

The headset has a lithium ion battery that provides 5 hours of talk time or 120 hours of standby. Handily, the power adapter plugs right into the earpiece, so you don’t even need to have a cradle. No word yet on cost or availability.