Commodore makes a comeback

Commodore makes a comeback


My first computer was a Commodore 64. To this day no machine has made me happier. Imagine my excitement, then, when I heard that Commodore is making a comeback. The company will be launching three new products at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Save me a spot at the front of the line.

First comes the Commodore Navigator. It’s a PMP with a 20GB hard drive and GPS capabilities. It has a 3.6” touch screen which can offer both 2D and 3D views of GPS maps and offers both car and cycling modes of navigation and can tell you where to go in 18 languages. Once you arrive to your destination, you can play audio and video files in expected formats.

Next up is the Commodore MediaBox. It’s pretty much everything in one box. It is a digital TV tuner with an 80GB HDD. You can play videos, music and photos on your TV. You can even use it to get online.

The most ambitious new offering is the Commodore Multimedia Tower. It is a kiosk which will be set up in malls and public areas and give you the opportunity to buy songs, games, wallpaper and other digital content. It is compatible with most phones and MP3 players, allowing for direct download, of course it has a credit card reader, allowing you to pay for your purchases right there.