Centrix MVP-150 PMP – a Digital Dream

Centrix MVP-150 PMP – a Digital Dream


The Centrix MVP-150 is an upgrade to the MVP-100 we took a look at earlier this year. Sitec System, the Korean company which makes it, calls it the Digital Dream. Maybe they call it that because it isn’t just a media player. It has a GPS module as well. That is dreamy.

It has a 4-inch TFT-LCD with touch screen for viewing. As you would expect you can view movies, play music, or view text and graphic files. Those files can be stored on the 20GB HDD, or you can use the SD card expansion slot. All the usual formats are supported. It all runs on a Windows CE platform.

The unit comes preloaded with several games. It has a voice recorder function and TV out. The buttons on the front of the unit are well laid out to make accessing everything simple. All of this comes in a fairly small package. It measures 132 x 71 x 24 mm and weighs 280 grams. It also looks like they took our advice and removed the digital camera.

This is due out in Korea some time this month. No word yet on price or if we will see it outside of Korea any time soon.