Vonage adds 911 service. Finally

Vonage adds 911 service. Finally


It took them a while, but Vonage will finally begin offering 911 service to its subscribers. The company had been stopped from adding new subscribers by the FCC recently after missing a deadline requiring the service. E911 will be available when a customer dials 911, the customers address and phone number is sent along with the call to the nearest 911 emergency response center. The information will show up on the dispatchers screen, making it easy for them to send the appropriate help.

If E911 is not available in a region, Vonage’s Basic 911 service will deliver the call to the traditional 911 network. Vonage will also be offering a safety net if those services can’t be accessed for some reason. They will have a national 911 emergency response center where calls will be answered by trained emergency personnel.

“Vonage shares a common goal with the FCC, Congress, public safety officials and regulators: to deploy E911 service for all subscribers as soon as possible,” said Jeffrey A. Citron, Vonage’s Chairman and CEO. “We are dedicating every resource at our command toward turning up a national E911 system – not only are we spending over $50 million, but we’re working with public safety to create a framework to hasten this national deployment and remove any local roadblocks we’ve encountered.”