The MoGo MouseBT can be stored in your PC card slot

The MoGo MouseBT can be stored in your PC card slot


If you have a laptop with a PC card slot you hardly use, and a mouse you always lose, then this is just the thing for you. The MoGo MouseBT, made by Newton Peripherals, stores itself in your PC card slot until you need a mouse. When that time comes you pop it out and click away. It is Bluetooth compatible, so you don’t need any wires or cables. It even charges while it is in the slot.

Owing in part to its compact size, it has a bit of a unique form. That’s not to say that it isn’t slick to look at, though. It is different from what we are used to, but we can hope that it is as nice to use as it is to look at. It certainly is handy.

As long as it is fairly sturdy and works well, this strikes me as a handy item. Newton Peripherals will be unveiling it at CES in January, so we will have more details then.

Update: We have heard from a source that the price will be under US $70 and they will ship in Q1 2006. Battery life is 8 hours, and of course, it charges when inserted into the PC Card slot.