Rumor: Apple to enter consumer electronics market

Rumor: Apple to enter consumer electronics market


Apple has a golden touch these days, so it only makes sense that they would want to make the most of their hot streak. That’s why the latest rumors about the company aren’t surprising. With Macworld coming up early in the new year, word is that Apple will be unveiling one or more items in a new line of consumer electronics products.

The first rumored product is an iPod Boombox. Details are sketchy from perhaps the world’s most secretive company, but one can imagine what this will be – a larger iPod with speakers that can stand alone on shelves or be taken on the go. It is rumored to include wireless audio streaming and likely a hard drive as well. Some even suggest that it will have satellite radio capabilities.

This move only makes perfect sense. The iPod is obviously crushing the mobile multimedia category now, but there are hundreds of examples of how dominance in a category can end (Netscape, anyone?). While Apple is at the peak of the market they may as well leverage their brand to extract all the profit they can, especially since they have all the distribution and customer loyalty so firmly in place already.

In the days leading up to Macworld, it is very likely that more details about this product and others will emerge.