Pod 60 battery adds 50 hours to your iPod

Pod 60 battery adds 50 hours to your iPod


Does your iPod battery always run out before you want it to? There is nothing worse than being left without music while on the go. Japan Trust Technology has a solution for this problem. Their new battery for the iPod, the Pod 60, has a capacity of 6000 mAh, which will give you about 50 hours of life on one charge. It recharges in 3 or 4 hours, using the batteries included AC adapter. A nice feature is a power gauge which lets you know how much juice is left in your battery.

The battery is compatible with the iPod fourth generation, iPod U2, iPod color, iPod Photo, iPod mini and iPod nano.

This extra battery life comes at the price of convenience and portability, however. The Pod 60 is an external battery. An included wire attaches the battery to the iPod dock connector. Though you have to carry it around separately, it’s not like it is massive. It measures just 82 x 58 x 24mm and weighs 180 grams.

The battery comes in white only. It is being released in Japan right now and is available for about $70.