MT1, software that will read you your e-mails

MT1, software that will read you your e-mails


This technology will be perfect for you if you are either really, really busy or really, really lazy. If you can’t find the time to read your incoming e-mails or documents you can use a new software application called MT1, made by MagneticTime. The application reads your messages or files and converts them into MP3 files. You can then sync them to your PDA, phone or iPod and listen to them on the go.

The software automatically directs your messages in to a file for audio processing and translating. Once it is converted, the file becomes a regular MP3 file. That means you can pause, fast forward, rewind and do whatever you can do to any MP3 file. The voice that will read you your files is promised to be natural, owing to the Acappela text-to-speech engine the company has developed.

Because the software is limited to just e-mail, but is also compatible with Word documents and others, the uses of it can stretch well beyond just e-mail. It could be used as a study aid, memory tool or many other things. The software is available now and can be downloaded for $49.99. It now comes only in an English, Windows compatible version, but a Mac version and versions in several other languages will be available next year.