Edge launches 8GB thumbdrive

Edge launches 8GB thumbdrive


Someone once said, “Nobody will ever need more than 640 kB of RAM.” We laugh at that today, but it sounded logical at the time. In an age of USB flash drives pushing capacities higher and higher, you may overhear someone say, “Nobody will ever need an 8GB thumbdrive.” That may be essentially true for today’s needs, but who knows what the future will bring.

In a way, it is with this in mind that Edge has launched their 8GB DiskGO flash drive. They are not the first to announce a thumbdrive with that kind of capacity (JetFlash launched an 8-gigger last month), but the Edge version is $75 cheaper than its JetFlash equivalent.

Whatever you decide to lug around on this “massive capacity in a tiny package” unit is up to you, but at a price of around $600, it’s not exactly cheap. You can get the 4GB versions for about $265, so a pair (to total 8 gigs) would “only” be $530.