Chubby U8550 flip phone from LG

Chubby U8550 flip phone from LG


Everyone seems to be pumping out the super slim phones these days. Maybe LG Electronics is reacting to that trend with their latest phone, the U8550. The new phone is definitely a bit on the pudgy side, but it does sport dual colour screens. At 39.6mm, the inside screen, LG distinctly emphasizes, is a full 5mm wider than most other handsets of its kind.

The reasonably priced mobile phone comes with some features you’d typically only find on more expensive units, including MP3 playback capabilities and dual speakers. Other than that, don’t expect anything too radical…well, except for the fact that the U8550 will initially be available in a puke green and a bright orange for people looking to “express themselves.” For the rest of us, you can still pick it up in standard silver.

Look for it in the UK and Italy soon, and then Australia and Hong Kong early next year. No word on whether or not any American carriers will be adding the LG-U8550 to their collection.