StealthText – this text message will self-destruct in five seconds…

StealthText – this text message will self-destruct in five seconds…


Staellium UK is offering a breakthrough service wherein subscribers can send self-destructing text messages. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, people were enamored by the thought of messages that will ‘self-destruct’ made popular by the hit TV program Mission Impossible. Today, this is no longer just a figment of one’s imagination thanks to Staellium’s StealthText service.

StealthText answers many people’s needs to be able to control WHEN their messages are going to be deleted or removed. In fact, Staellium claims that the company has already been receiving questions from potential clients from various sectors such as those in the financial services, MOD and of course celebrity agents.

This is how it works. To avail of the StealthText service, simply text STEALTH to 80880 to get a link that will authorize the download of the StealthText applet via a WAP connection. Once you are a subscriber, simply send a message; your target recipient will receive a text notification providing your name and a link to the text message. Once the recipient reads the message, it will ‘self-destruct’ after approximately 40 seconds. Cool huh! Unsubscribing is easy too, simply text STOP to 80880.

It seems too that Staellium has thought of everything; so that security issues are addressed, a log of the message is retained on a protected and secure server where they will stew for awhile before being permanently removed. And no, subscribers do not have access to this server at all. Self-destructing MMS is only available in the UK at this time.