Pez player dispenses music

Pez player dispenses music


Just in time for your holiday shopping, the Pez MP3 player is finally shipping. Sure, you can opt for a more powerful player, chocked full of all of the latest features and packed with an insane amount of storage, but that’s not why you would consider picking up a Pez player. I’m sure you can figure out why you would want it.

In the package, you’ll find the player itself, a carrying strap, USB cable, owner’s manual, and some ear buds that look like the free ones you get on a commuter flight. The Pez player will hold 512MB worth of music. The interface is clearly Apple-influenced, but is a touch on the small side, so those of you with big fingers might have some trouble. Also bear in mind that there is no LCD display, but then again, authentic Pez dispensers don’t have one either. What you do have is a little green LED that tells you if the player is on or off (flip open the head to find the power switch).

Powered off a single AAA battery, the Pez player may be flimsy and lack some features, but for sheer nostalgic value, it just might be worth the $100 price tag to an oddball collector.