Mobile WiMax officially 802.16e

Mobile WiMax officially 802.16e


Mobile WiMax is well on its way to become a reality after a nod from the IEEE, the Mobile WiMax standard has been designated as 802.16e. It is slated to greatly support Wi-Fi projects because of its high data transfer rates and long transmission reach capabilities. Some industry observers are also predicting a scenario wherein Mobile WiMax may even replace Wi-Fi services.

IEEE promises a peak speed in the range of 20 Mbps. The average data transfer rates are expected to match the speed of DSL or cable broadband — anything between 1 Mbps and 4 Mbps. Mobile Wimax’s approval is being seen as a major development in the wireless technology segment. Dr. Mo Shakouri, Vice-President of WiMax Forum commented, “Having formal approval from the IEEE is a major milestone for the wireless world. “

Mobile WiMax is different from fixed Wimax in the sense that it has been specifically designed to suit the interest of users on the move rather than being used at the home or office. After the approval to its standard, wireless equipment manufacturers are expected to soon kickstart the production of Mobile WiMax compatible equipment, which they had been waiting to do for quite sometime.