Amp’d Mobile adds popular CBS shows

Amp’d Mobile adds popular CBS shows


Amp’d mobile subscribers will get access to some CBS prime time shows on their high-speed wireless phones. Some of the shows include; CSI: NY, Numb3rs and The King of Queens. Verizon Wireless made a similar deal with CBS last week, however they have 33 versions of CSI, not just one.

Under the agreement, subscribers of Amp’d Mobile will get a chance to view behind the scenes footage, unique previews, interviews clips and other related items on the hit shows of CBS and UPN. The programs from UPN’s stable, which will be showcased through Amp’d mobile includes America’s Next Top Model, Everybody Hates Chris and Girlfriends.

Speaking on the agreement, Cyriac Roeding, Vice President, CBS Digital Media, said, “Through a variety of multimedia options that they offer, Amp’d has created a very personal experience to link the consumer — our audience — to our shows. The cell phone is the most personal medium; we see great opportunities here to create personal connections that deepen our viewers’ relationship to the program, or to creatively expose new viewers to CBS and UPN content.” Amp’d Mobile, which has been primarily targeting the youth segment through innovative entertainment add-ons, is expected to commence offering CBS and UPN shows by the end of this month.