Shuffle-esque RCA Lyra M1001 GB audio player

Shuffle-esque RCA Lyra M1001 GB audio player


iPod shuffle too rich for your blood? Well, RCA has come up with their knockoff version of the music player. It does have just a bit of a leg-up on the Apple variety in that the RCA Lyra M1001GB player comes with a monochrome display (better than no display at all, I suppose). Needless to say, there’s not much (if anything) to wet your pants about with this player.

Contrary to its somewhat misleading name, the new Lyra will not hold 1001GB of music, but it will rather come in 1GB, 512MB, and 256MB varieties. This little stick of a player will support your usual formats—MP3, WMA, DRM—but quite surprisingly, it has neither a built-in FM tuner nor a line-in jack, both of which have become standard staples among even the most economically-minded portable audio players.

No word on prices, but expect some serious sales at your local Target or Walmart in time for the holiday shopping season.