Philips’ TV-on-mobile solution now available in U.S.

Philips’ TV-on-mobile solution now available in U.S.


Developers in Europe have already been able to work with TV-on-mobile technology from Philips for three months, but now American developers get to have a taste of it, too. The company fancies themselves as leaders in the mobile multimedia entertainment field, which they expect to have 10 million users in the U.S. by 2010.

The new Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld (DVB-H) front-end solution by Philips is called BGT211. It requires low levels of power, so users can watch for a longer time without recharging. The module is small, which will allow it to be integrated into small and varied designs.

“Philips is paving the way for TV-on-mobile, enabling consumers to connect to live TV, as well as pictures, movies and music, all while on the move,” said analyst Will Strauss, president and technology analyst, Forward Concepts. “By supporting the most widely accepted standards in TV-on-mobile, DVB-H and Digital Video Broadcast — Terrestrial (DVB-T), Philips furthers standardization globally, which will be critical in enabling a consistent user experience that will drive mass consumer adoption in this market.”

The module is complete, so no external components are needed. It is designed to shorten time-to-market. It includes programmable options so that systems can be upgraded even after they have been sent into the field.