M-Beat KW-600 MP3 player or Jewelry

M-Beat KW-600 MP3 player or Jewelry


Just because the new M-Beat KW-600 MP3 player is nicknamed ‘Jewelry’ doesn’t mean that you can get away with giving it to your wife for Christmas instead of the necklace she really wants. It is though a nice shiny little unit that is a joy to look at. It looks like two silver boxes welded together that will fit in the palm of your hand with room to spare.

The controller looks like it is simple and easy to use and has some red backlighting that is just plain cool. It’s a kind of mood lighting for your portable music. Combine that with the chrome case and you will be the coolest kid in the school.

Specific details are a scant as the player is small. The base model will be 256MB, while it should top out at 2GB of Flash memory. The price is unknown as is the release date. It will definitely be released in Korea first, so it might never make it over here, anyway. None of the cool stuff ever does.