Buy a house.. or a watch by Paris Hilton

Buy a house.. or a watch by Paris Hilton


If you want to be more like Paris Hilton, well, you will need one massive trust fund. If that isn’t available, then you probably won’t come close, however you could sell your house and run to They are selling four limited edition watches which have all been exclusively licensed in an arrangement with Paris herself. They are charmingly named Cotton Candy, Snow White, Canary and Pink is Love. Given the connection to Ms. Hilton you can guarantee two things about them – they aren’t understated and they aren’t cheap.

The Cotton Candy and Snow White sport 1026 diamonds weighing 9 carats. There are some sapphires on the Swiss movement for good measure, too. It is all held in place with an alligator strap. You can have one for a mere $100,000.

The Canary isn’t so inexpensive. For $150,000, you get 6 carats of yellow diamonds and 3 carats of colorless ones. Again, there are 1026 diamonds in total. This time the alligator strap is yellow to match the name.

If those are too plain for you, then the Pink is Love may be the answer. There are 1026 diamonds which are, predictably pink. This one will cost you a cool $250,000.