HouseParty iPod speakers… in black!

HouseParty iPod speakers… in black!


So, you just picked yourself up a snazzy new video iPod or nano, in black, and you couldn’t be happier. Except that you’re having an incredibly hard time finding speakers to match your new music player… all those systems out there seem to only cater to those of us who own the standard issue glossy white iPods. Fear not. The PodGear Store is now carrying the HouseParty speaker system, and it even comes in limited edition black.

It’s not exactly the most powerful thing in the world, putting out a dismal 12W RMS total between its two speakers, but hey, it’s black. It’ll work with a good variety of Apple music players, including the shuffle, nano, 3G, 4G/Photo, and 5G/Video iPods. The speaker system doubles as a sync cradle, and it comes with an auxiliary line-in port as well.

Did I tell you that it comes in black? Cause, that’s about the only real selling point other than the “funky blue LEDs [that will] light up your iPod”. £49.99 (or about $85 USD) is the price you’ll pay for a mediocre set of speakers.