Sorell’s NF1 is GPS, MP3, and PMP

Sorell’s NF1 is GPS, MP3, and PMP


Sorell’s business is steadily growing, and they are hoping to keep that trend alive with their newest device, the NF1, designed with the rugged outdoorsman in mind. Whereas some GPS manufacturers have started implementing media playback capability in some of their units, Sorell is taking an equal but opposite approach with the NF1. The company is better known for its MP3 players and PMP devices, and the NF1 takes that technology and adds GPS capability.

The 2.2-inch 262k-color TFT display will show all your favourite videos, and you can play back all your favourite MP3s, but don’t look to store too much. The ruggedly-designed NF1 only has 1GB of flash memory, so it’ll take a little ingenuity to cram in your movies, music, and GPS navigation maps all in there.

This will likely only be made available to the Korean market for now, as any plans for overseas distribution have not been announced.