Bluetooth-enabled Audex Jackets Are Now Ready to Wear

Bluetooth-enabled Audex Jackets Are Now Ready to Wear


Last month we told you all about the Burton Motorola Audex Bluetooth-enable snowboard jackets. This month, they hit the stores in time for you shredders to hit the slopes.

Let’s get pricing and availability out of the way first. The jackets start at an affordable $599.95 USD and can be purchased online at or at Burton specialty retailers.

The Audex line of wearable technology combines the rugged rider-appeal of Burton snow gear with te freedom of Bluetooth Wireless, offering riders and pedestrians alike “seamless” winter connectivity. At the heart of the Audex is the control pad on the left sleeve. At the touch of a button, gloved hands can easily access incoming and outgoing calls, and make music selections.

Featuring AK Continuum technology, the jacket is truly wired-in to what snowboard culture wants: cool outerwear that doubles as a wireless communications and entertainment centre. Inside, cables snake through the jacket up to the hood where embedded speakers deliver voice and music while a well-placed mic allows you to make all-important hands-free phone calls while in mid-McTwist. There is also a rechargeable battery pack in the pocket.

There are three styles to choose from: a cargo, a goose-down filled and a duffel coat version. All are washable (just remove the electronics) and come in a wide variety of colours like black, Khaki 13, and Mocha Plaid.

So what’s next? The Burton – Motorola joint venture promises all sorts of goodies for 2006 including helmets and padded hats, all Bluetooth-enabled with stereo headphones and easy to use controls.