That watch is a TV!

That watch is a TV!


When I was a kid I saw a TV watch on The Jetsons and I wanted one of my own. Well, now I can have one. This little 45 g unit is a 1.5” TFT screen that rides on your wrist. The makers promise that it is incredibly easy to use. In an interesting twist, the antenna is in the earphones, which will give you better reception, but will create a double problem if you lose the earphones.

The battery will last you an hour on a three-hour charge, or three hours if you use the mini-docking station which comes with the watch. The charger can be powered by either AC or 4 AA batteries. Oh yeah, it can tell time and the date, too.

Sadly, you can only watch your TV with mono sound. The watch has a PLL tuner which you can set to manually or automatically find channels. Don’t get too excited just yet, though, because this unit is set up for UK terrestrial channels and European channels. If this works for you, you can have one now for about $210.