Sprint Power Vision MM-7500 can be customized

Sprint Power Vision MM-7500 can be customized


Sprint and Sanyo have officially launchd a new phone which promises unique customization abilities, the Sprint Power Vision MM-7500. According to the companies, it is the first phone to offer Themes for their standby screen, main menu and favorites. Some themes also link to related multimedia and online content. The phone comes with tropical and hip hop themes preloaded. Several other themes are available for free download and I am sure Sprint will sell you others if you ask nicely.

The phone also supports all the other bells and whistles available with Sprint service – Music Store, On Demand, TV, Picture Mail (using the 1.3 megapixel camera) and Ready Link. As you can guess by its name, the phone operates on the Power Vision network, offering near-broadband download speeds.

The Themes aren’t the only way to make this phone your own. It features interchangeable accent plates to make the color happy. The theme service will be available in early 2006. You can buy the phone for $379.99.