Backup data and play music with Sanho Hyperdrive Mini

Backup data and play music with Sanho Hyperdrive Mini


This may be of some particular interest to all your shutterbugs out there, Sanho (no, that’s not a typo…even though their logos are nearly identical as well) has recently announced their new HyperDrive Mini. It’ll take almost any kind of memory card you throw at it, and store all your juicy photographs, videos, music, or whatever other data you might have onto its 20, 40 or 60GB hard drive. Transferring at 16 MB/s, the HyperDrive Mini is the world’s fastest memory card backup (portable storage) device. If you’re on the go, and there’s a good chance you are if something like this interests you, you’ll be glad to know that the HyperDrive Mini is, well, mini… and its high capacity lithium-ion batteries will keep you going, up to 30GB of transfers on a single charge.

You can backup 8 different kinds of memory cards with this thing, and it also ensures data integrity with its 24-bit hardware-based copy verification. Add to all of this that the HyperDrive also doubles as an MP3/WMA player, and this thing is starting to sound like an iPod that’ll take all your memory cards too.

Being the Mini model, there is a big brother to the HyperDrive Mini. It’s just the HyperDrive, comes in 40GB to 100GB sizes, and can also backup 1GB memory card in under 2 minutes.