Tao presents their 20GB wireless media player

Tao presents their 20GB wireless media player


Tao has started offering their branded version of the Soniqcast Aireo 2. The Tao Wireless Media Player is licensed to Tao from Sonicqast, makers of the first ever wireless MP3 player, the Aireo.

Unfortunately, support for wirelessly purchasing songs from online Music stores is still not an option, but the 20GB HDD device will give you access to newspapers, Audible books, magazines and talk radio over the air. Music must be received from a network desktop computer.

The player automatically locates and accesses hotspots for you. You can even schedule downloads so you don’t have to actively look for content when you want it if it isn’t convenient. This is a slight step up from the original Aireo Wi-Fi jukebox player.

Specs for the unit are competitive, yet identical to the Aireo 2. Nothing was changed aside from the colors, it has a 20GB HDD, dual headphone jacks, FM radio and support for all the formats you would expect. It comes with Tao’s own media player. The display is far from fancy, but that’s not really the point here.

The Tao Wireless Media Player will be available early next year, Giant International Ltd. Is distributing it. No word yet on price, but they should price it below the Soniqcast Aireo 2 to stay competitive, it sold for US $299.

You can expect to see many more wireless players popping up on the market, Soniqcast’s President Kurt Thielen confirmed to Mobile Mag that they will be licensing their Aireo 2 design to other manufacturers, and some may even switch up the way it looks.