Samsung SP-300MK Mobile Theatre

Samsung SP-300MK Mobile Theatre


Samsung is releasing a ‘mobile theater’ system, the pocket imager will be called the SP-P300MK, expect to see it at CES early next year.

It measures in at 12.7cm and 9.4cm while only weighing 700g. This size and weight is way smaller and lighter than any existing projector out there. It even offers a ceiling projection bracket allowing you to watch a movie or even more comfortably when we you lie down.

An external battery pack is sold separately, it will give you around 2.5 hours of run time. The SP-P300MK can be connected with any AV device and of course, with a desktop PC or notebook. In the plane or train, if about 50m space are guaranteed, you can project a 12 inch screen, and if we have more than 2.8m space, a 63inch big screen. You can aslo produce an outdoor theater with 1000:1 resolution.

The price is set at around US 827.00.