More security problems with Sony CDs

More security problems with Sony CDs


The nightmare surrounding the security flaws found on Sony’s CDs are proving to be a never-ending story for the company in their effort to fight piracy. On Tuesday Sony BMG Music Entertainment, along with Electronic Frontier Foundation group announced that they found and fixed a new computer security risk related with some of the Sony CDs.

The problem is with the copy protection software developed by SunnComm Technologies for Sony to be used on CD’s created by it, which would have allowed unauthorized access to computers that have run the software.

This security issue is apart from the one in which Sony had to recall 4.7 million CD’s last month in a copy-protection fiasco resulting in a barrage of lawsuits against it.

Kurt Opashl speaking on the issue said “We’re pleased that Sony BMG responded quickly and responsibly when we drew their attention to this security problem, consumers should take immediate steps to protect their computers.”

This latest announcement comes on the heels of when in late October Mark Russinovich discovered that Sony has secretly installed “rootkit” program on its CD’s to combat anti-piracy, generally used by hackers to hide viruses on hard drives. The controversy further aggravated when other researchers found new security flaws with the copy-protected CDs, using technology from British company First 4 Internet. The company was forced to recall all the 52 cds affected by it.

In light of these revelations, iSec partners, a security firm was asked by EEF to analyze the SunnComm anti-piracy technology used by Sony of which Sony had distributed 27 cds in US.

The news of the security flaw was kept secret from the public till the time SunnComm created the patch to address the flaw, Sony further said that it has got the patch tested and certified from another security firm NGS Software.

Consumers can download the patch from Sony’s site, also a list of affected CDs in United States and Canada can be found on the site. Further Sony said it will be using a banner advertisement directly in the SunnComm software, as well as an Internet advertising campaign to notify the consumers.