Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 comes to Cricket

Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 comes to Cricket


If you are a Cricket customer, the Kyocera Slider Remix KX5 is a slick new phone for you. It’s a camera, music player and phone in one small, sliding package.

To start, it offers a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and 5x digital zoom. Your pictures will look good on a 176×220 pixel TFT screen with 262,000 colors. The screen also lets you surf the web or play 3D games downloaded via Cricket Clicks. There is also built-in MMS to let you send pics and video.

The music player lets you play MP3, WMA or AAC files on the go. SD cards up to 512MB let you save and play the tunes you like. The phone is equipped with Bluetooth, letting you talk hands-free on the go.

The phone is pretty tiny – 1.88 in x 3.85 in x .86 in and 3.88 ounces. You can have your own now for $299.99.