iTunes hits 3 million video download mark in 55 days

iTunes hits 3 million video download mark in 55 days


Sales of video downloads on the iTunes Music Store just keep rolling along. Video has been available for just 55 days, but the company wants us to know that they have already passed the 3 million mark in sales.

It took them 19 days to sell the first million videos. Some quick math for you – that makes an average of 52,632 downloads per day for the first million and 54,545 per day over the first 55 days. Volume is gradually increasing, which only makes sense as they continue to add more variety and quality of programs to choose from, including new deals with NBC and USA just this week.

There is one thing I find interesting about this news. The downloads start at $1.99 and most aren’t much more than that. Even if we assume an average price of $5, which is too high, they have still only sold $15 million worth of video. When you consider the cost of starting up the service and the partners who all want a piece of the financial pie, you realize how young and immature the mobile video market is. It will be very interesting to watch where it goes from here.