i-Visor FX601 Organic EL Panel Glasses

i-Visor FX601 Organic EL Panel Glasses


Mikimoto Beans has released a new product, the i-Visor FX601. It’s exactly what you would expect; an eye glass display equipped with an organic EL panel that projects an 800×600 pixel image to the wearer.

By connecting a PC via analog RGB, it can focus an image location from 60-inches to 2 meters in length. So if you ever wanted to immerse yourself in a large display, and completely forget the outside world, this may be your ticket.

To prevent picture distortion it uses a free curved surface prism, the curve is 42 degrees. A speaker is embedded in the glasses, Power is supplied via USB, sadly you won’t be walking around the street with these, not that you would get very far.

This glasses measures in at 170x200x55mm and 120g in weight.
The price set at 367,500Yen, or US $365.