B&O BeoSound 3 controlled by finger gestures

B&O BeoSound 3 controlled by finger gestures


Denmark’s royal brand, Bang & Olufsen has released a portable audio device that has some crafty tricks. The BeoSound 3 features old school looks, with new school tricks.

Its analog design reminds me of a transistor radio, of course this has a standard FM radio, and an alarm, which can also play your favourite MP3 tunes from a 1GB SD card, you can wake up to what you like, not some crazy morning radio host.

This is compatible with the BeoSound 2 and multi-audio system, BeoSound 4 from Bang & Olufsen. Here is the sweet part, there are no outside buttons, this thing operates by a motion sensor, you move your finger in a direction, kinda like mouse gestures, to control the system.

The B&H BeoSound 3, with old school looks and new school tricks can be had for a mere US 909.00.