Playboy introduces us to Bodcasting

Playboy introduces us to Bodcasting


I admit that I haven’t been the most enthusiastic advocate for podcasting. Until now, that is. It took Hugh Hefner to change my mind. Proving that they aren’t just about naked women, the geniuses that bring us Playboy have come up with the cleverly named Playboy Bodcast to describe their new offering. It is targeted at video iPod users (which goes without saying, because somehow an audio Playboy podcast would lose a bit of its appeal).

The Bodcast will include a joke of the day, delivered by a Playboy Bunny. The Ask Hef feature will allow you to gather profound insights from the man you know you want to be. From the Mouths of Babes will offer advice from the Cyber Girls of the Month.

Bodcasts are available now at the Playboy website (like I need to tell you the address). Premium Bodcasts are promised soon and will apparently include more sexy features than your player can handle. I just hope they find a way to include the articles in the Bodcasts, because they’re the only reason I read the magazine, honest.