Paper-thin plastic screens

Paper-thin plastic screens


Plastic Logic is a company that makes electronics out of plastic, their latest plastic wonder is more than a little cool. The company has created the world’s largest organic active matrix display. It’s a 10 inch (600×800) SVGA display with 100 ppi resolution and four-level greyscale color. That’s not very impressive until you hear that the screen is just 0.4 mm thick.

The frontplane of the display is electronic paper developed by E Ink, an American company. The flexible printed active matrix backplane is made from low temperature PET, or Polyethylene terephthalate, which is easier to work with than alternatives such as steel foil or thin glass.

The E Ink Imaging Film looks like ink on paper. It can be rolled up like regular paper can, too. It only requires battery power when it is being updated.

A vice president of Plastic Logic, Simon Jones, had this to say: “Glass based active-matrix displays such as on a laptop screen are heavy and fragile. They cannot address many applications in mobile devices and retail signage where there is a strong market demand for large, thin and unbreakable screens. Plastic Logic’s approach of printing transistors on plastic is the first commercially attractive solution to meet this market need. The flexibility of the display even allows a pressure sensor to be placed under the screen to implement a touch screen without compromising the optical performance of the display.”

Plastic Logic will be looking to partner with manufacturers to bring this technology to market.