MPker Mobile Phone Speakers Look and Sound Great

MPker Mobile Phone Speakers Look and Sound Great


These are seriously sexy speakers for your mobile phone. They’re made in Korea and could possibly be one of the coolest accessories for your celly. Word on the streets of Korea is that they sound pretty good too.

Introducing the M-1000 Series MPker mobile phone system.

Compact design for easy storage and portability, the MPker system works a bit like transformer. Speakers and control pad fold out with a slot for your phone or MP3 player. The cover retracts into a base revealing the unit’s controls – a nice feature that saves you the effort of fumbling with tiny phone keys. Two 1.5” 2W speakers pump out up to 80dbs of apparently crisp and clean sound.

The entire unit measures 210mm X 110mm x 37mm and weighs a reasonable 330g. The MPker system ships with a 9V adapter and patch cables. Early product shots reveal a charging LED on the control pad. Considering the unit takes 4 AA batteries, it should be safe to assume the MPker will recharge your phone while connected.

Available in black, blue, red, white and silver, the MPker series will also work with your MP3 player and is available for a more than reasonable $34. No news of North American availability.