Mamiya ZD 22-megapixel DSLR ships in Japan

Mamiya ZD 22-megapixel DSLR ships in Japan


So, you think you’re hot stuff with your 10 or maybe even 12 megapixel camera? Pfft, you got nothing on Mamiya’s new ZD DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), sporting a whooping 22-megapixel CCD imaging sensor. Yes, you read right, twenty-two megapixels. Mamiya announced this camera over a year ago, and now it’s finally going to be available. Mamiya is already well known in the industry for producing absolutely top-notch cameras, and the trend continues with the industry’s first integrated medium format digital SLR camera.

Weighing in at about 1.2kg, the Mamiya ZD, according to the company’s website, “produces sharp, high quality rich tones in a surprisingly light weight, compact body that resembles 35mm D-SLR cameras.” This awesome unit makes use of Mamiya’s exclusive 14-bit A/D (Analog to Digital) converter, recording 12-bit images at 1.5fps—the fastest digital medium format camera. Unlike other cameras that only take one type of memory, the ZD will more than gladly take your compact flash (CF) and your secure digital (SD) format memory cards. The camera also features a 1.8-inch LCD screen, and a tethered FireWire connection. It will be fully compatible with all Mamiya 645AF lenses.

Unfortunately for most of us, the Mamiya ZD will initially only be available in Japan (pre-orders are open now, with delivery by the 21st) and will retail for about $10,844 US.