Bon Jovi is invading your Sprint phone

Bon Jovi is invading your Sprint phone


Get out your acid wash jeans and your lighters, because you’re going to a Bon Jovi concert. The best part is you don’t even have to leave home. On December 17 the band’s show from Washington, D.C. as part of their “Have a Nice Day” tour will be available on your Sprint wireless phone. Sprint is the title sponsor of that tour.

The concert will be available free of charge via Sprint TV multimedia devices and for Sprint MobiTV subscribers. The whole concert will be available, including encores.

Paul Korzilius, the band’s manager, had this to say: “The relationship with Sprint not only puts our music in the palm of fans’ hands through full-track music downloads and ringers, but now gives them an exclusive opportunity to experience a live Bon Jovi concert, for the first time ever, on a wireless phone. And because this is a sold-out tour, that’s the next best thing to having a physical ticket.” He forgot to mention the part about how Bon Jovi really enjoys the truckloads of money that they have been given by Sprint.

The catchword for Sprint these days is ‘third screen’. When you are not staring at your TV or your computer they want you to look to your phone for news, sports and entertainment. Programs such as this are, they hope, the incentive we need to sign up for their services. It all just leaves me with one question – who in the world would want to see a Bon Jovi concert?