What does the future hold for Apple?

What does the future hold for Apple?


It is a bit ironic to note that a company named Apple Computers is now most known for, well… MP3 players. All this is well and good but now analysts, critics and pundits alike are fearing the big Apple balloon is about to burst.

Many acknowledge the fact that Apple’s iPod has revolutionized the MP3 player industry, but isn’t it about time Apple focused on computers again? Many say that Apple is too focused on MP3 players while continuing to offer over-priced and under-powered computers in the market. Sure, Apple’s iPod and music-based business sky rocketed to 162% in 2004 but if you consider that its computer business only increased 19% in the same period, it makes one wonder where this ‘computer’ manufacturer is headed.

Also, consider the fact that the iPod itself seems to have reached its zenith. Are there still people out there withOUT an iPod? Seriously, how much further can Apple develop this MP3 player? And what about iTunes? Part of its charm is its simplicity and yet its latest version is equipped with features to manage podcasts and the iTunes online music store, making it a more complicated software to use.

But perhaps the latest (and most transparent?) sign that the Apple-iPod craze is starting to burst is the disappointment caused by the Motorola ROKR mobile phone. The product simply did not live up to the hype.

The bottom-line? Apple simply has to start re-focusing on its core business – making quality computers.