Mobile phone that prints by Polaroid?

Mobile phone that prints by Polaroid?


The company that brought us instant photo development in the palm of our hands, just might be implementing the same technology into the rapidly growing mobile phone industry. Although far from being confirmed, information and pictures have leaked out on the internet showing a Polaroid cellular phone with an integrated digicam and instant photo printer. Currently referred to as the HS-RSS, the Polaroid camera phone, as you can guess, will let you take pictures on the go and develop them on the spot with Polaroid’s instant printing technology.

The slim design makes it a little hard to believe that they’ll be able to shove not only a digicam, but a printer in there. What’s even harder to believe is that the HS-RSS is said to feature full multimedia capabilities. It’ll play your MP3s, snap your pictures, take your phone calls, and even play video files. That’s right, the Polaroid cameraphone is a PMP too.

Of course, as this is still in the rumour stage as far as I can tell, no official launch date or prices are available.