LG Migo is a phone for the kids

LG Migo is a phone for the kids


Here’s the perfect mobile phone for kids. Or elderly adults, I guess. The LG Migo is another very simple phone that lets parents keep track of kids on the go. Just don’t look too hard or you will notice how similar it is to the Firefly.

It has just four numbers on it and they can all be programmed as you wish. It has an emergency button. The battery offers 200 minutes of talk time or 226 hours of standby. It’s green and funky looking. And that’s all. It doesn’t support voicemail, web browsing, text messaging or anything else.

You can get one of these from Verizon and pretend it is for your kid if you have $99 and are willing to sign up for two years. I still am not at all sold on the need to get young kids hooked on technology before they are old enough to know better, but someone must be or there wouldn’t be a new phone of this type out seemingly every week.