Get a date through your iPod

Get a date through your iPod


Sometimes I have to remind myself that good ideas often follow not-so-good ideas. Web 2.0 and mobile video are going to bring us all sorts of good ideas for years to come. This doesn’t seem like one. PodDater, which launched on November 16, lets you upload a video onto their site for free and tag it with your interests. Then you can, also for free, search the members by their tags or zipcode, download other people’s videos onto your iPod and watch them to find your true love.

I say that this is a bad idea because it is. The iPod is a lot of things, but interactive isn’t one of them. If you found someone you like, you have to go back to the site, figure out who it is and then contact them. It’s an extra step that isn’t offset by great benefits. BlackberryDater or PSPDater would make much more sense because at least they would offer connectivity.

The video feature could be a great added feature of a dating site, but as the entire basis for a site I am not sold. It seems like a lame attempt to stand out as a late entry into a very crowded and dysfunctional field.