Aluminum Bluetooth mouse designed by Zspire

Aluminum Bluetooth mouse designed by Zspire


Touted as the ‘perfect mouse for the perfectionist’, Zspire introduces its new aluminum Bluetooth mouse. Ok, ‘perfect’ may be too strong a word, but it does look, well, different.

The Zspire mouse is made from metal and metal alloys, yet assures users of a natural, comfortable position. It measures 76 x 114 x 28 mm and weighs just about 165 gms without its batteries. It functions at 800dpi and is especially crafted for everyday use. The downside? Because of the demand for higher response times and better resolution, it is not exactly THE mouse to have for all you gaming enthusiasts out there.

The aluminum mouse ships with both metal and plastic pieces, with the latter required for flexibility (pressing buttons and changing batteries) as well as enabling the wireless signal to go forward. However, note that a bluetooth adapter is not included in the purchase price.

Upping the ‘cool’ factor is the fact that Zspire offers potential customers the chance to personalize their mouse. Simply get in touch with Zspire and tell them what you like and the company’s ‘master artisans’ will design the mouse in accordance to your wishes.

The Zspire aluminum Bluetooth mouse retails for US $ 119. If aluminum is not your thing, a Special Copper Edition will be available starting December 15 for US $149.