Yahoo! unveils RSS by SMS

Yahoo! unveils RSS by SMS


Yahoo! announced a bunch of changes to Yahoo! Mail, including an RSS Aggregator. The overlooked part of the changes was the addition of RSS Alerts. With this new service you can be alerted to changes in any RSS feed you are interested in by SMS. Every time a change is made to a feed, you get a message on your phone. The best news is that the service is free.

Sort of free, that is. Yahoo! won’t charge you anything, but you still have to pay the SMS fee from your carrier. Unless you are a hardcore addict of the most up to date information, then, this is a service you will want to use carefully. If you use the service for all the RSS feeds that you subscribe to with your newsreader your phone will never stop beeping and your phone bill will be astronomical.

The power of the free service lies in using it for select information that is crucial to you, or creatively using the service and RSS feeds to connect small groups of customers, clients or associates.

The service is available now at Yahoo!.