Streaming video downloads from Apple

Streaming video downloads from Apple


ThinkSecret has unearthed rumours that Apple will be launching a revamped video-download service in the coming year, possibly accompanying their potential announcement of a new Mac mini at the Macworld Expo in January. In order to keep Hollywood happy, the consumer will not download the actual video files onto their hard drives, but will rather store video purchases onto their online .mac account’s iDisk. To access the prized movies, customers log into their .mac accounts, and the content is streamed on demand via Front Row 2.0. This way, no video files are actually stored on the purchaser’s hard drive, and thus cannot be pirated and “shared”. It is said that a new caching system by Apple will ensure smoothness and quality.

An added bonus, though unclear exactly how it will work, is that the video content may be transferred directly to iPods using this service. If the goal is to avoid having any actual video files floating out there, how will they allow you watch your purchases on your video iPod without letting you store something on there.

NBC, CBS, and Paramount, to name a few, are said to already have content lined-up and ready to go for if and when this new video-download service goes live.