Sirius S50 has sirius limitations

Sirius S50 has sirius limitations


When the Sirius S50 was announced a while back, satellite radio aficionados were drooling. It was a way for you to record satellite radio and take it with you wherever you went. Well, now it is out and people aren’t as happy about it anymore. The RIAA, everybody’s favorite fun wreckers, apparently had some issues about the capabilities of the device, so some unexpected limitations are now in place on the device.

Recordings are now limited to two hours each and you are limited to 20 recordings at one time. The 50 in S50 was supposed to indicate the 50 hours of recording time the device could handle, so this change means that you can only take advantage of 80% of the capacity of the unit with satellite content, though you can add other MP3’s if you want. You can get around this limitation in one sense and record a four hour program by setting back-to-back two hour recordings.

You can now only schedule a recording of a show, not music. That means you can record your favorite talk show, but an interview with your favorite band is out if it contains any of their songs. You can only record one song at a time. After the song ends, the recording stops. That means you can’t record a whole program of songs.

These changes are disappointing to satellite radio fans, but all hope is not lost. First, software updates will surely be available, if they aren’t already, to overcome these limitations. Second, if you have any computer savvy at all, you can find other devices and means to record as much satellite as you want to thumb your nose at the RIAA.