Shuffle charger by Heavy Moon

Shuffle charger by Heavy Moon


For those of you who actually have an iPod shuffle, Heavy Moon of Japan has released the “smartCharge” adapter, this lets you top up your audio player’s battery while out and about in your vehicle. What is unique to this particular charger is that you wont have to deal with the messy cords and cables and whatnot that usually accompany devices like this one.

It will also work with 4G, Photo, and mini iPods as well, but you’d have to implement the aforementioned messy (USB) cables to charge up those puppies. The smartCharge adapter comes with a 3.5mm audio jack too, so you can get sound to your cars system.

It s reasonably priced at 3,864 yen (US $32) in the land of the rising sun, cheaper than some, more expensive than others.