RIM finally gets a (small) victory

RIM finally gets a (small) victory


It seems that all I am writing about these days is another tough break for Research in Motion. The makers of the BlackBerry are a Canadian company and I’m a proud Canadian, so it makes me kind of sad. I am happy, therefore, to finally be able to write about a bit of good news for RIM.

RIM has been stuck in the U.S. courts for months battling NTP, a company that claims they own patents that are crucial to BlackBerry and that RIM has used them without permission. The result could be the end of service in the U.S. The good news for RIM, though, is that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected one of the claims made by NTP after receiving information that a Norwegian company may have filed patents before NTP did.

What does thing mean? In the grand scheme of things, basically nothing. NTP still gets a chance to respond to the claims. That means that the process will continue to be dragged out over many more months unless a settlement is reached. Still, it is a victory for RIM at a time when they haven’t been getting too many wins.