RIM faces yet another legal challenge

RIM faces yet another legal challenge


Not only is Research In Motion, the Canadian company which makes the BlackBerry, embroiled in a bitter court fight in the U.S. that could threaten their American business, but now they are facing a potentially damaging suit in the U.K., too. Inpro Licensing of Luxembourg holds PDA patents which they claim RIM is duplicating without permission.

RIM went to the English High Court on Wednesday to claim that Inpro’s patent claims are “simple” and “either anticipated or obvious”. If Inpro were to be successful in their claims, RIM may have to suspend service for their 375,000 subscribers in the country.

Inpro is no stranger to the courts. In the late 1990’s they sued a number of large PC and monitor companies because of patents they held for monitor power management techniques. Those companies included Compaq, Apple, Dell, Sony and Gateway, among others. More recently they have been suing T-Mobile both in the U.S. and Germany.