Pretec Electronics unveils 2GB miniSD

Pretec Electronics unveils 2GB miniSD


Memory cards are getting smaller and smaller in size, yet bigger and bigger in capacity. Pretec Electronics Corporation has taken the next logical step in this progression with the announcement of a 2GB miniSD card, the largest storage available in the miniSD format. Pretec is the same company that innovated the MMC 4.0 card in 2004, and offered the world’s first 4GB SD card in July 2005.

This increased capacity will allow mobile phones that use miniSD expansion, like a number of Motorola handsets, to store more than 500 MP3 songs or more than 4000 pictures. This is great for people who double their mobile phones, smartphones, or mobile PDAs as portable MP3 players to listen to a library of music of unbelievable size.

The 4GB (regular-sized) SD card from Pretec should arrive at retailers, like Fry’s and Radio Shack, just in time for the Christmas. Look to spend about $299 for this piece, while there is still no official announcement regarding the launch date and price of the 2GB miniSD.