The RAZR, Siemens style

The RAZR, Siemens style


Slim is (or maybe was) in, and now Siemens is jumping on the bandwagon with their rendition of the Motorola RAZR—their triband GSM SLV140. This sleek flip phone mimics the RAZR with its super slim body decked out in glorious silver. It comes with UTMS support, too.

In an effort to distinguish their phone from Motorola’s offering, and well, to get a leg up on the RAZR, the Siemens version features a 2.0 MP digital camera. Other than that, the big 2.2” LCD screen is more than adequate, with a 262K color display and a resolution of 240 x 320. It comes as little surprise that the SLV140 will also do video recording, video calls, and multimedia streaming. Taking another page out of Moto’s book, this phone too can have its memory expanded with microSD cards.

Siemens has yet to announce a launch date, or anything for that matter, it may in deed be a fake design made by some Siemens fanboy, or the real deal, stay tuned for more info.