Samsung IME Technology improves LCDs by 30% all around

Samsung IME Technology improves LCDs by 30% all around


Samsung Electronics has developed an image enhancement technology that improves the image quality of mid and small-sized LCD screens. Termed Mobile Image Enhancement (MIE), this new technology is co-developed by Samsung Electronics and Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology. With MIE, previously dark and blurred images on mid and small-sized LCD screens can now be seen clearer and brighter.

With this new MIE technology from Samsung, critics say that the bar is now raised as far as the quality of video content is concerned. So much so that digital multimedia broadcasts channeled to handheld terminals are expected to increase.

The MIE technology of Samsung has a built-in algorithm that results in smooth video image conversion. It can optimize the gray scale of LCD pixels without modifying the color. This indicates that the luminance of a mobile phone’s LCD panel and backlight will increase by 30% at least.

On the other hand, larger-sized LCD screens that are used with portable multimedia players or gadgets requiring video reproduction, consume more power. By applying Samsung’s new MIE technology, power consumption used to illuminate the screen will instead go down by as much as 30%.

The image enhancement technology is built into the company’s display driver IC (DDI), this is utilized in LCDs to reproduce color. Its embedded as an optimizing algorithm. As such, a separate dedicated chip or additional space is not needed.

Just about everyone wants to get a hold of a Samsung MIE-enabled DDI device, manufacturers are only getting samples this month, so it may be some time before we see new devices using the technology.